Iconoclasm Part 3

Iconoclasm Part 2

Iconoclasm Part 1

A quiz to elp you test your orthodoxy and how conformed your beliefs are to Scripture.
Are You a Protestant Quiz?

Many people call themselves Protestants that could not be called such by the historic meaning of the term.

About the New Living Translation

am aware that the New Living Translation has gained much popularity. It is unfortunate that it is advertised to be a actual Bible translation. While it is true that it is a translation in the sense that it is based off the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek manuscripts it is also not a translation in the sense that it is so paragraphized. When I say this I am including the most test edition which is more literal than the former ones. I have read portions of it and it really is not an accurate version; it is not trustworthy. I have read too many places in it where the paragraphizing messing with the meaning. 

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